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Brief Introduction


The Research Center for Scientific Development in Fenhe River Valley of Taiyuan Normal University is a major collegiate humanistic science research base in Shanxi. The center mainly consists of four parts: Institute of Historical Geography and Environment Evolution, Institute of Urban and District Development, Institute of Culture and Tourism Development as well as a Institute of Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Development. The four institutes have taken shape in the study of drainage environment evolution and history, the study of habitat environment and economic transformation in the drainage area, the study of drainage area culture and tourism development and the study of ecological restoration and drainage sustainable development.

Directed by Professor Wang Shangyi, the center has 35 researchers. Its research group has a balanced professional title structure and an outstanding pool of expertise. In additionrenowned experts in the field are invited to constitute the academic committee. Besides its excellent working environment and facility, the center has also built the Fenhe River Net, an academic website for the Fenhe River studies.

The construction goal of the center is developing an academic center for historical drainage researches, an academic communication base, a consultation and technical support center for the scientific development in Fenhe River Valley as well as an education center for senior intellectuals of humanistic geographical studies in Shanxi Province.


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