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· Professor He Yimin of Sichuan University to visit Taiyuan Normal University 2011/06/23 
· National Social Science Foundation Project Approved 2011/06/23 
· A study on plantation soil desiccation in the upper reaches of the Fenhe River basin based on deep soil experiments 2011/06/21 
· Project of National Natural Science Foundation Approved 2011/06/21 
· A Study on the Water Balance of the Ancient Lakes in Taiyuan Basin for the last 2000 Years 2011/06/17 

· A Study on the Ecological Compensation in the Upstream Area of Fenhe River 2011/06/17 
· Impact of Evolving Loess Plateau Environment on River Course and Lakes in the Lower Reaches of Yellow River before Sui Dynasty 2011/06/17 
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