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Project of National Natural Science Foundation Approved
2011-06-21 20:29  

The project of Historical Geography and Environment Evolution Institute, entitled “Reconstruction of Vegetation in Evolving Environment of Mining Areas in Shanxi after 1949a”, was approved by the National Natural Science Foundation, under the code of 41071335.

The project plans to carry out the survey of vegetation reconstruction in mining areas of Shanxi, which is the first of its kind, by studying the vegetation in mining areas of Shanxi, centering on the synchronized reconstruction of vegetation, soil and micro-organism, by using historical literature, remote-sensing, GIS and quantitative ecology, in order to analyze the vegetation reconstruction after the 1949, the impact of evolving environment on the vegetation, construct a database and experiment base devoted to the study of mining area environment. The project aims to optimize the reconstruction mode of vegetation in mining areas, establish a cultivated ecological system and improve the landscape of mining areas in Shanxi, which will serve as a model and provide scientific basis for similar mining areas in China.

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