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Academician Li Peicheng Lecture: Philosophical Reflections on Climate Change
2011-06-21 20:15  

On the afternoon of 15th, December, Academician Li Peicheng from Chang'an University gave the faculty a lecture entitled Philosophical Reflections on Climate Change in Steinway Concert Hall of the Taiyuan Normal University.

At his lecture, Academician Li stuck to the rules of scientific outlook on development, used dialectic materialism of Marx, illustrated the climatic changes during  the Cambrian Era, the Carboniferous Era and the Permian Era, giving a vivid description of overall trend of global climate change. Academician Li said that everything is driven by contradictory forces, so were the climate changes, which were believed to have been brought about by a multitude of factors. We should view the question in a historical and overall manner, instead of blaming the problem on human activities only. He also used several curve plots to demonstrate the climatic records of China, the US and India in historical periods. Academician Li believed that things have both advantages and disadvantages. So we should pay attention to the positive sides of global warming as well as its negative impacts.

Academician Li has long since been teaching and doing researches in the fields of agrarian water conservation, water resources, environment and land resources management, etc.  He has been working as a special member of Decision Consultation Committee of Shaanxi People's Government. Academician Li has published more than 80 academic papers, hosted more than 10 scientific research projects and won 9 awards of provincial level.

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