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Academic Lecture:Profile of Professor Karsten Liber, Ph.D.
2011-06-26 13:02  


Academic Lecture



Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Selenium in a Northern Canadian Aquatic Ecosystem Impacted by Mining Activity


Dr. Karsten Liber


First Conference Room of Library


10:30 a.m. 27th June, 2011


Research Center for Scientific Development in Fenhe River Valley, Science & Research Department


Dr. Karsten Liber教授简介


Dr. Karsten Liber教授现任加拿大萨斯喀彻温大学环境与可持续性学院(School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan)院长,主要从事工业活动对水生生态系统的影响、采矿对水生生态系统的影响、生态风险评估、水生生态系统和沉积物中金属生物效应和毒理效应研究,在国际知名刊物发表论著100余篇。


Profile of Professor Karsten Liber, Ph.D.


Professor Karsten Liber, Ph.D. is the Executive Director at the School of Environment and Sustainability and the Executive Oversight at the Toxicology Centre of University of Saskatchewan. He mainly focuses on the research of industrial and mining impacts on aquatic ecosystems, ecological risk assessment, metal bioavailability and toxicity in aquatic ecosystems, especially in sediments, etc. and has published more than 100 papers.

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